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Full Moon Meditation Gatherings


Full Moon Circle


My intention is to create a sacred space to support, guide and inspire women to connect back to the most healing ancient feminine practices of all: The Wombens Circle. 

I’ve always been deeply connected to the energy surrounding the full moon so once a month when the Full Moon occurs, I will be guiding a meditation via Zoom, starting with sharings of the current moon energies, providing journal prompts, q+a, ending with an empowering, uplifting meditation as our energies vibrate together.


🌙 Join in on an empowering & uplifting meditation

🌙 Become in tune with your energetic space + feminine energy

🌙 Connect & vibrate higher together, being heard + supported with no judgement.


Book now for the next monthly moon circle and meditation here.
I offer guidance with my years of knowledge on my own spiritual journey where I have also delved deep into the womb and menstrual cycles with the moon phases and I’m so excited to create this space for us to join together, sharing freely.

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I look forward to seeing you.

With Love,