Inner Goddess Circle


Full Moon Circle


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An intentional sacred space created to support, guide and inspire you to connect back to your inner compass. Through the most healing ancient feminine practices of all, our sacred meditation circles.

I’ve always been deeply connected to the energy surrounding the moon, especially at its peak during the full and new, but never understood why or what and it all came together once I harnessed the energies of it, delving deep into my inner intuition/guidance and external knowledge. There was this 1 year I took a pause and sat in stillness, in my feminine energy (the receiver) calibrating - the following year I re-balanced with the masculine (the doer) to execute and bring us together once a month when the Full Moon occurs to rejoice the energies together.

For what is this journey, if as conduits we do not share for others to elevate.


Every month I guide a meditation via Zoom, starting with sharings of the current moon energies, providing journal prompts, q+a, ending with an empowering, uplifting meditation as our energies vibrate together.


🌙 Join in on an empowering & uplifting meditation

🌙 Become in tune with your energetic space + feminine energy

🌙 Connect & vibrate higher together, being heard + supported with no judgement

As the saying goes, when we come together, we move mountains!


I offer guidance with my years of knowledge on my own spiritual journey where I have also delved deep into the womb and menstrual cycles with the moon phases and I’m so excited to create this space for us to join together, sharing freely.

When I first started my journey, many moons ago (pun intended ;)) digital learnings were not around, let alone Instagram! So I travelled far and wide immersing myself into many sacred spaces/temples with teachers sharing their wisdoms, spending many summers in India, the ashrams, trekking in the mountains in Nepal meeting monks and monasteries along the way, Mexico yoga retreats and mayan healings to name a few of the various backgrounds that led me here today!


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I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


With blessings,