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Yoga for all bodies


Yoga is the journey to the self, from the self, through the self. Which has led me to offer a whole host of guidance for you all. These include:


🟣  Yoga Practice 

Myself and the team have a wealth of knowledge offering all types of yoga, suitable for your ability and your body! Whether you are a complete beginner, have injuries, an athlete or wanting to dive deeper into your practice.


🔵  Meditation

Inspiring teachers that can accommodate everyone, wherever you are on your journey, bringing the calm and stillness you long for in your busy mind with guided meditations.


🟡  Layla's Luna Gatherings 

Monthly Full Moon Circles held at the end of every month - read more here to join. 


For any of these offerings Get in touch at hello@yogahauslondon.com 

With gratitude,