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bespoke wellbeing experiences created by our founder Layla...

British born, Indian roots, internationally lived, where four walls have never been a home... finding solace on my mat, my practice, my constants wherever I go.

Nomadic solo travels since 2015, with teachings and retreats have included many destinations such as;

  • Ashrams in India to Monasteries in Nepal; trekking base camp Everest; experiencing alternative therapies in the mayan culture of Mexico and Chinese Medicine in Asia...
  • Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Maldives, Jamaica, Bali, Hawaii, British Columbia, Canada, USA, Colombia, Patagonia, Atacama Dessert, Calama (Chile), Egypt, Italy, Marrakech, Spain, Istanbul and many more !

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Prepare to step into Serenity, TranquilitySelf Discovery;

❖ secluded spaces grounding into nature

❖ embark on a journey of stillness & movement to experience rejuvenation

❖ harmonising body, mind and spirit through yoga practices, sound therapy, meditation, breath work, body therapy, journalling time, self space to integrate sessions with nourishing food and herbal drinks 

Each retreat and destination have their own schedules which we will share upon enquiry.


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I am excited to assist you on your journey and have you join us!

Layla x

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