Yoga with Layla

Step onto the mat with Layla ✨


With hundreds of hours of learning accreditations from fitness to yoga teacher training, meditations and then combining it all with breathwork and range of movement through mobility, stability and flexibility for sports and athletes. Spending time training under the yoga teacher behind Ryan Giggs, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Together with Layla's life experiences of utilising yoga lifestyle to heal herself through injuries and trauma of the sudden loss of her brother; travelling the world, off the beaten track, learning first hand from spiritual guides off grid; Layla brings a wealth of conscious teachings in mindset and movement.


  • Private 1:1 clients and retreat bookings: 

Personalised Online or in person programmes created for your body, taking into consideration your range of movement and any injuries.

Suitable for all bodies, beginners and people in sports or athletes looking to find mobility and flexibility as Layla guides from the roots, the foundations.

    Email for all enquiries.


    • Group online and in person classes coming in June 2023 for women and men, sign up to the newsletter to hear the announcement! 


    Current ways you can explore movement and stillness with me (all sessions are from 45 mins to 1hr 30 mins, feel free to read the context behind each class):


    1. From 'Burnout to centered' class

      Realigning and balancing the energy: for those that are feeling burnt out or taking steps to prevent burnout.

      (Spending 15 years as a senior leader in a masculine corporate industry before my nomadic entrepreneurial journey, I understand what being constantly burnt out with the need to find balance is like.)

      2. Holding space for men - 'Functional movement' class

        A full body stretch - for functional movement giving mobility and flexibility, one class at a time.

        (From bodybuilding to yoga - 2015, I was injured unable to train, found my way to a solo yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico or yoga found me as tis was the last thing I wanted to do, telling myself "yoga isn't going to maintain or replace the muscle I lost"... I quickly found I lacked range of motion in my shoulders, hips and hamstrings because of lifting weights mindlessly for years… so through yoga my perspective opened, I rehabilitated in body, letting go of the ego, releasing trauma that I had held in body from the loss of my brother and here my journey of body, mind and soul began! - I took a few years off lifting weights to fully integrate this part of my life journey and although I split my time in what is strength training now, I never went back to competitive bodybuilding,

        So, I know exactly the journey of starting to implement yoga into your lifestyle as took me a while to adapt, but with consistency and a suitable teacher, you can too.)

        3. Holding space for the sacred womban - 'Sitting with the Feminine' class

        Ground and rise in your feminine form - reconnecting to your portal, the womb space, the sacral/gut/intuition. Honouring the times when red tents, circles, existed!

        Beginning with breathwork and affirmations to moving into a yoga flow (off the feet, so no standing) with heart and hip openers.

        (Being in my masculine of 'doing' for so long, I was left with no choice but to drop into my feminine and 'receive'. For a whole year, I sat in my feminine, rested, meditated, prayed, went deep within, inter-connected, inner-stood myself in ways never before, I tried to work, do, create, but nothing would connect. I eventually let go of the frustration, as I was clearly being guided to stillness and integrate all my years of work so I may ascend to my calling, my purpose. Once I had received, downloaded, filled my cup, I was ready to for the next chapter of my path in a place of balance.)