YogaHaus, By Layla


Welcoming you with the most highest vibrations 

YogaHaus, by Layla, a yoga teacher in multiple disciplines, creator of this wellness collective that blossomed out of the necessity for representation and cultural ascension, that is dedicated to inspiring visibility, building community and creating safe spaces to heal, explore and honour Self. Cultivating healthy, sustainable lifestyles through yoga, holistic wellness, and conscious living, are at the heart of the Haus! 


Offering consciously created products as a student herself, she knows the importance of creating a sacred sanctuary in your home, being connected to the roots of nature, self and your practice.

Grounding you through nature with the YogaHaus Cork Products sustainably made from nature. A mat created longer, wider and thicker than average for every-body, creating a safe recovery space on the mat for every-body and mind to ground, root and re-connect, re-aligning with self. 


Specialising in guiding meditation and teaching functional yoga, adapting to each persons unique body to increase, restore and maintain range of motion and flexibility.

With a 15 year history in fitness/bodybuilding and 7 years in yoga, Layla has an abundance of passion intertwined in creating mobility through yoga from beginners to people in sports.


I am extremely proud of the brand, the products developed, the growing community and the mission - I can't wait to continue the YogaHaus journey with you!


Layla x