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Our Founder

The Creator of YogaHaus


Welcoming you with the most Highest Vibrations 


Welcome to YogaHaus (pronounced Yoga+House), my names Layla the creator and founder of this space and products.

As a yoga + meditation teacher I created YogaHaus London (my home town/base) as a service with 1-1 practices in your home, prior to a product business, with the intention of creating a sacred sanctuary in your home. Grounding you through nature with the YogaHaus Cork Products sustainably made from nature. A mat created longer, wider and thicker than average for every-body, guiding you to release + connect in body, mind, soul.

My intention is to create + invite you to this community that moves with love. Teaching you the foundations and roots of yoga.

A little about what brought me here to serve in this space... I've spent 10+ years in the corporate world located in London, Dubai, Malaysia, where i mentored, coached and project managed in a masculine environment. Together with my fitness lifestyle where it was all diet and weight lifting (bodybuilding), I was very much in my yang energy. 

With an injury and multiple life changing events all happening within 1 year, it led me down a path to reconnect with myself, where i found my yin to my yang... my Indian roots of Yoga + Ayurveda (blessed to have spent every summer holiday as a child and teenager in India). 

My spiritual path started becoming full circle when i went on my first solo trip to a yoga retreat in 2015 to Mexico in solitude, returning to the UK unrecognisable by friends and family which led to my nomadic life. Upon returning i quickly sold all my possessions, all the "security" to live nomadically. I continue the many adventures deep within forests, connecting to ancient teachings... but Hiking base camp Everest in Nepal, being at one with self and the mountains is where i conceptualised YogaHaus!

I may have acquired all the certifications and education, but It's the life experiences that allow me to guide you as a Meditation + Yoga teacher, as well as supporting you as a Mentor.

As the creator and owner of @yogahauslondon you will find eco-friendly yoga products, sustainably made from nature.

I have many ventures but the most fulfilling is being able to support and guide you through your transformation and practice. If you feel called to explore working with me, please send an email to hello@yogahauslondon.com .


With Gratitude,