Usage Tips

Designed for all bodies and all types of use to support and guide your body through movement.


  • Cork Yoga Mat

Roll your mat out with the rubber side down. The rubber has small ridges in the bottom layer to make the mat grip to the floor effectively and get going!

The alignment and placement lines on the mat give you the guidance you require preventing loosing focus during your practice, knowing your body is in alignment with the central line and hands and feet either side are all symmetrical, allwoing your weight to evenly distribute, the centre of the mat being a circle symbolising the unity.


Props to bridge the gap of the spaces in between.

  • Cork Octagon Brick

The Octagon bricks featuring FOUR different heights for maximum versatility!

Its angled design allows you to use it flat or diagonally. This design opens up amazing new possibilities - like using against a wall or giving you stability and height when the floor seems so far away!

Place one under each knee to support your crossed legged sitting position is also a great use of these.


  • Cork Yoga Block

Sitting Blocks enhance your practice by supporting, stabilising and aligning the body. Sit on one or two to raise your hips for a straighter spine.


  • Strap and Belt - 2 in 1

Make light work of carrying your Cork Yoga Mat with the choice of two Natural or Grey 100% Cotton Carrying Straps. 

With adjustable loops to slide on and off your mat, they're easy to use and put over your shoulder.

Once you're done, you can use the straps as a yoga belt to extend your reach and deepen your stretches. A Perfect aid to advancing poses like cow face pose and forward bend.