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Join our bespoke wellbeing experiences curated by founder Layla, blending Western / Eastern roots with international influences, where four walls have never been a home... finding solace on her mat, practice and constants wherever she went.

Layla's journey since 2015 includes teaching and being a student in diverse locations such as:

  • Ashrams in India with Ayurvedic lifestyle to Monasteries in Nepal; trekking base camp Everest; experiencing alternative therapies in the mayan culture of Mexico and Chinese Medicine in Asia.
  • Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Maldives
  • Jamaica, Bali, Hawaii, British Columbia, USA
  • Colombia, Patagonia, Chile, Egypt, Italy, Marrakech, Spain, Istanbul + many more!

Want to know a little about me ? - read more here.


Our Retreats Offer:

  • Secluded spaces immersed in nature
  • A blend of stillness and movement
  • Yoga practices, sound therapy, meditation, breathwork
  • Nourishing food and herbal drinks

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Prepare to embark on a journey of serenity, tranquility, and self-discovery.

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Excited to assist you on your journey!

Layla x

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