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YogaHaus, by Layla
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Multi disciplined coach and creator of this wellness collective that blossomed out of the necessity for fluid motion, representation and cultural ascension, bridging the East meets West gap!

Dedicated to inspiring visibility, building community and creating safe spaces to heal, explore and honour Self.

Cultivating healthy, sustainable lifestyles through yoga, holistic wellness, and conscious living, are all at the heart of the Haus! 

With consciously created products with the essence of nature supporting you in your practice and in your sacred haus sanctuary.

Grounding you through nature with the YogaHaus Cork Products sustainably made from nature. A mat created longer, wider and thicker than average for every-body to root, re-align and re-connect with self. 


Layla has an abundance of passion for intertwining yoga into your lifestyle; creating better mobility, flexibility, mind-body-spirit connection for beginners to people in sports. 

Her journey is of quite a unique one with 15+ years of skills;

  • in fitness as once a competitive bodybuilder
  • from climbing the corporate ladder where she curated harmonious places for people to live... to now infusing them with wellbeing spaces; regulating and enhancing lifestyles to prevent burn out and encourage work life balance
  • to reconnecting to the roots of the eastern practice of Yoga with her mothers Ayurvedic Indian upbringing 

All of which allows her to connect with many, wherever you may be on your journey.



Living a holistic lifestyle, often off the beaten track somewhere on earth, learning first hand from spiritual guides; Layla brings a wealth of conscious teachings in mindset and movement. 

As an avid solo traveller since 2015, British born, living internationally, travelling far and wide, bringing all her learnings and experiences from scholars and native practitioners in mind, body, spirit practices and holistic therapies, immersed in cultures for many years, skills movement is always at her core.  
    • Ashrams in India to Monastery's in Nepal, trekking base camp Everest, disconnecting the mind to healing through alternative therapies in the Mayan culture in Mexico and Asia
    • Teaching, Travels and Retreats across Malaysia, UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Jamaica, Europe, Bali, Hawaii, British Columbia, Canada and USA, Colombia.
    • Recently trekking Torres Del Paine in Patagonia and spending a week in a ranch riding in the Atacama Dessert, Calama, Chile.

    Pre yoga living, she was once a competitive bodybuilder, finding her way to yoga to rehabilitate from injuries and life changing trauma;

    • corporate burnout, training injuries, increasing her own mobility and flexibility which were previously non existent, leaving feelings of being outcasted from yoga studios
    • finding stillness, calming the mind from a busy life
    • to healing from the trauma of the sudden loss of her elder brother

    To intertwining it all and becoming a Yoga Coach, with first hand experience of the profound effects of yoga in mind and body.

    • Expect increased range of movement through mobility, stability and flexibility; great for active recovery days, preventing injuries and longevity, keeping those joints lubricated as we move, lift, age, creating body confidence and acceptance for all that we are!

    I’m extremely proud of the brand, the products developed, the growing community and the mission and excited to continue growing the YogaHaus community with you!


    Layla x