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Join Layla on the mat ✨ 

  • From burnt out (corporate career)
  • an injury preventing competitive training
  • Sudden loss of her elder sibling

She is passionate in introducing yoga into every-body’s lifestyle! Movement is medicine to thy body, mind, soul and she's experienced first hand the many benefits of how yoga as an entirety has impacted her, bringing her much solace and those around her. 

Practicing asana (yoga poses) since 2015; with all other aspects nurtured throughout her life since a young girl by her mother, to spending every summer pre adulthood in India, Ayurveda (the science of yoga) also plays a huge part in Layla's lifestyle and teachings.

Specialising in guiding:

  • Beginners & Yoga Foundations
  • Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts
  • Functional Yoga for Longevity


  • Personal Trainer & Ex-Competitive Bodybuilding Athlete
  • Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga
  • Meditation & Breath-work

Trained by the yoga teacher behind Ryan Giggs, Manchester United and Manchester City:

  • Yoga for Athletes 
  • Functional Anatomy & Injury Prevention

Coaching Options:

  • In-Person: 1:1, Group, Corporate, Retreats
  • Online: 1:1, 8-week Coaching Program


  • Increased Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility with range of motion.
  • Active Recovery, Injury Prevention, Supporting Longevity - keeping joints lubricated as we move, lift, age through life!
  • Enhanced Confidence in Body and Mind through every season and cycle of life!

Curated sessions for all bodies to move more freely, fluidly and efficiently.

Flowing with me is surrendering to the rhyme and rhythm of selfs body language, allowing your inner compass to guide your body. Get moving, get stronger and flexible, with the element of relaxation and grounding in mind body connection with Yin and Yang energy.


Some arrive with intentions for the mindfulness and harmony of yoga.

Some for the body to obtain a better range of motion, flexibility, enhancing their performance recovery and ability together with their physique.

Either way you will connect with self and all that comes along as you practice, as I hold you accountable to bring awareness to the mind and body with a consistent practice!  


Want to know a little about me as your coach ? - read more here.

Layla transitioned from a competitive athlete focused on weights and diets to a holistic lifestyle combining yoga, balanced nutrition, and recovery therapies. After experiencing a sudden loss of her elder sibling, an injury preventing her from any type of fitness training and burnt out in her corporate career, she embraced yoga fully, which led her to travel the world and share and teach its benefits.

Why and when did I switch to Yoga?  

2015 I went on a solo yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico (they had no signal back then so it was very basic) but it catapulted me into self, where I reconnected with meditation, began journaling (suppressed emotions were intensely released) and yoga (I was very inflexible plus injured) recovering from all the above 3 things back to back led me to sell everything in the UK, quit my job and wander the world, to teaching others the benefits of yoga in body, mind and soul.


Get Started:

  • Book a session or customised program.
  • Initial consultation to assess your range of motion and flexibility.
  • Weekly customised yoga flows with direct email access for check ins.

    (length and frequency of each flow will be dependent on what other fitness/movement you do each week)

  • Optional recovery and Ayurvedic therapies and mindfulness tools.

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Join me and transform your movement in body, mind and spirit!

Layla x


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